Nashville Wedding with LOTS of Personality
April 28, 2010

One of the things that we love so much about weddings is that every single one is so different, so unique. All of those personal touches really make the wedding world go 'round and this Nashville wedding is the perfect example of that. Golriz and Devon make up the insanely cute, quirky couple behind the day and they created such a one-of-a-kind event filled to the tippity top with creativity. Ryan Lash was there to capture soo many wonderful snippets. The art installations alone have us squeeling with glee. Be sure to check out the gallery for more from this DIY couple.

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Nashville Wedding

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Devon and I wanted every ounce of our wedding to burst with creativity, but we had a very tight budget. This was actually a blessing as it forced us to be really creative and think outside the box. It also meant we had fun adventures to pursue together like hunting for the 'perfect' couch on Craigslist!

One of the biggest priorities for us was making the event space feel really cozy and intimate. We achieved this by setting up a cozy nook in the corner with a colorful and intricate backdrop. We hung paper strips to the ceiling to create a beautiful paper chandelier, with twinkly lights that peeked out between the strips. Behind us we hung strands of handmade fabric flowers that myself, a good friend and my mom had spent weeks creating out of an assortment of vintage fabrics.

Art Installation: Devon had always dreamed of creating an art installation with vintage televisions, umbrellas and bare light this was his chance! We hunted high and low for TVs that had big knobs and dials - the sales staff at the thrift stores must have thought we were mad! Devon figured out a way to connect all the bulbs to one switch and even installed a dimmer (yes, I've obviously married MacGyver).

Other DIY projects: For our wedding favors we printed CDs with songs that we had written & recorded and placed them in hand sewn fabric sleeves made out of assorted vintage fabric. We then hung the CDs off ribbon with miniature clothespins so guests could pick one up as they left.

Photo booth - in the corner of the room we set up a photo booth. This element was a hit with our guests and we have hundreds of photos that captured the fun they had. Inside the booth I had placed a box of assorted props, hats, wigs etc. and a chalkboard so that guests could write personalized messages for us.

Unique guest 'book' - in lieu of a guest book we had a huge stretched canvas on an easel. We picked a very specific palette of colors and had each guest paint a heart in one of the grids. Now we have a beautiful piece of art to take with us as we start our lives together!

Cake toppers - my mom hand-stitched adorable little fabric birds with wire feet - my bird even had a little bouquet and Devon's had a yellow bowtie! They made great props for our photographs.

Cupcake stand - instead of purchasing/renting a stand for our 150 cupcakes we built one (using Cetaphil containers and cake boards!)

Photography: Ryan Lash / Videography: Full Frame Cinema / Event Space: Marathon Village, Nashville TN / Wedding Dress: Handmade by the bride's mother / Shoes: Office / Groom's suite: Costume National / DJ: Joel Price / Cupcakes: Effie Sahihi / Makeup: Neda Ferdowsi / Hair: Salon Genevieve