Wedding Cinema by Elysium
April 27, 2010

The other day, my cute girlfriend Stephanie forwarded me a wedding video that she was obsessed with. Mind you, her wedding was like 2 years ago, so the fact that she was obsessing over someone else's wedding video spoke VOLUMES. When I clicked the link, I squealed because it was, of course, a little snippet from Elysium! One of my all time favorite cinema studios.

And today is a really special day for Elysium on SMP. They've been working around the clock for the last year on their brand spanking new demo reel and when I tell you that it's crazy good, I am HARDLY doing it justice. So grab a cup and get comfy. You're not going to want to miss this.

How amazing is that? CRAZY amazing. Crazy! And even better, I can personally vouch for just how talented Julie and Alex are...I've been to a wedding that they did, including a fabulous same day edit AND we've recruited them to film one of my best friend's affairs this upcoming May in Nashvegas. So, I'm a fan. To say the least.

A HUGE congratulations to the team at Elysium for completing their reel and for showing brides everywhere that really good wedding cinema is so. freaking. cool.