Crate and Barrel Wedding Giveaway
March 29, 2010

April is right around the corner which means that you only have a few days left to enter THE giveaway of the year from our everyone's favorite registry spot, Crate and Barrel. This is an once in a lifetime chance to win a wedding worth $100,ooo complete with celebrity planner Jo Gartin to coordinate the whole affair. Seriously, this is too good to pass up.

It's unbelievably easy to enter, just head over to Crate and Barrel and set up your registry to get started. You're planning on registering soon right? Well, this is the perfect excuse to get the ball rolling asap. You can get started right here, right now. Plus the wedding isn't the only prize... you also have a shot at winning one of several Crate and Barrel shop cards (ranging from $500 to $7500). We're already dying to find out who wins... and (not-so-secretly) hoping it's one of you!