California DIY Vintage Wedding
March 19, 2010
United States

Cuteness knows no bounds when it comes to DIY weddings.  This is especially true of this adorable Californian wedding sent to us by Shannon Leith, a fun-loving and talented photographer.   It's a cuteness party.  And we're invited.

I really got a kick out of the gorgeous vintage touches that Jared and Claire (our bride and groom) incorporated into their style.  Combined with the antique lace accents, vibrant flora, flag banners and the perfectly unique terrariums - it's safe to say Jared and Claire personalized their day to a tee.  And I love it!

Claire gives us the inside scoop:

I've been collecting terrarium containers for a couple of years so it seemed like the perfect decorations option. Everything else just fell into place after that... I liked the woodsy and naturey, yet also delicate and Victorian feel of the terrariums, and I was able to find flowers and tablecloths that felt the same way. The colors I chose were based on the icons in our church: gold, deep red, muted pinks and blues, and deep green. As for the whole theme, I wanted to have a beautiful, peaceful, low-key wedding. I've been to too many weddings that just stress me out and make me feel uncomfortable.

Our engagement was 6 months, and I thought I was doing great for about 5 months. Then I realized there were so many things that I hadn't thought about, just logistical detail kinds of things: who would help us set up the reception venue and when, and where would we buy all the food, and who would assemble it.... Thankfully my wonderful parents and grandparents stepped in a week and a half before and figured it all out for me. So all that to say, most of it was fun, if a little stressful, but I guess I really could have done with a wedding planner.

Everything was DIY. Literally. I made all the terrariums from things I'd been collecting for years, and found the live moss on a hike in the mountains over Thanksgiving (it was transported home in a hat). I made the flag banners from fabric I'd had for years, and the ribbon it was sewn on was from every 99 cent store in the area. The tablecloths were mostly bits and pieces that my mom and I found at thrift stores and sewed together. My bridesmaids and I and two other very helpful and generous friends arranged all the bouquets, and the two friends put together the leaf garland that was framing the arch in the church.

My day was so much better than I could have imagined. So many things could have gone wrong, but everything worked out perfectly. It even rained from the afternoon on, and that was fine too. Things happened fast, but not too fast to not remember. The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception went off without a hitch. It was the best I could have hoped for.

Thanks Claire!  Great job on your adorable wedding!

xoxo Chantale from La Belle Bride

Venue: St Barnabas Orthodox Church and The Newland Barn, Huntington Beach /Menswear: H & M / Brides and Bridesmaid Dresses: Vintage /Wedding Cake: Choux Box Pastries / Invitations: Moats and Boats Design Studio / Florist: A to Z Wholesale Florists / DJ: Gary Allen /Photography: Shannon Leith