Engagement Party by Laura Hooper + Beth Helmstetter
March 2, 2010

The invitations for this next party were pretty much enough to send me clear over the edge. And the super cute, super casual party that followed? Well, I was totally charmed to say the least. Not terribly shocking considering this event was designed by Beth Helmstetter with help from Laura Hooper for Laura's adorable sister's engagement (that was a mouthful!). And when these two girls get their hands on a party, you just KNOW the details are going to be off the charts great.

Engagement Party by Laura Hooper

laura hooper

laura hooper

laura hooper

photography by Steve Steinhardt

Having just moved to San Diego, Ryan and I wanted to choose a restaurant in LA so it would be convenient for our friends and family to all get together. Someone recommended Border Grill, and we had been there a few times and remembered that they have excellent margaritas - and our memory was correct!

It was such a beautiful night. No detail was too small for Laura and Beth's attention, and it turned out amazing! The lighting, the cupcake display, the charming table settings, the photo montages; it was simply perfect! All of our guests were so impressed with the decor (some said it was the nicest party they had ever been to!), and everyone absolutely loved the food and drinks.

Ryan's parents flew in from Texas and his best friend/best man came in from Chicago, and we were really happy to have them share in the celebration. Having the engagement party, surrounded by our friends and family, it all started to truly seem real...we are so thankful to my parents for having put on such a lovely and memorable night for us!