Brand New Look by Chewing the Cud
March 2, 2010

Do you remember that commercial where the girl is trying on shoes and she ever so timidly pulls off her boots, then her socks. Then slips her very shy foot into a perfect slingback. Well, that's exactly how we feel on SMP today. We've found ourselves a pretty, simple, clean, new look and although we are a little bit nervous to unveil it...we couldn't be more proud. We feel like we've put on our big girl pants with a logo that will stand the test of time, a header that is as clean and easy to navigate as possible and a backdrop for the perfect pictures that our vendors send us. And it feels GREAT.

So before we get started for the day, I wanted to send a HUGE shout out to Viola at Chewing the Cud, who gave us our shiny new style. I like to brag about Viola a lot on SMP because I think she is one of those designers that just gets it. Here's a look at her brand spanking new line of eco-chic (and totally afforadable) line of wedding invitations...

wedding invitations by chewing the cud

chewing the cud

chewing the cud

You can see more from this collection, which is all printed on recycled or tree-free paper with soy-based inks, on Viola's gorgeous website. That she also just redesigned. And it's GORGEOUS. So, thank you so much to Viola and to all the readers that gave us feedback to make this happen!

Oh and we have a day of pretty coming up so fasten your seat belts!