Garden Party Wedding Shoot by Style Perfect Events
February 25, 2010

I am pushing pause in the Super Burbs today to bring you something pretty darn breathtaking. If I can be honest for just a moment, the beautiful work that I now have the privilege of sharing with you is so down right moving I literally have to pinch myself each and every time I log into Style Me Pretty. It's the truth. Beyond the bruises I now have from the said pinching, each time I leave SMP I am left with a wonderful feeling of inspiration. I'm sure you do too. Well mark my word, today's photo shoot from Style Perfect Events is sure to inspire your upcoming wedding, party or life in general. My bet is it will inspire all three. You might want to take a seat for this one.  Oh and before I forget, click here to see even more goodness from today's shoot.

garden wedding

garden wedding


Is your mind racing with ideas from this shoot yet? Well, I didn't even tell you about the DIY projects that went into the styling.  I'll let the talent behind it all, Carla Eustache (my new inspiration hero) at Style Perfect Events give you the full details:

My inspiration for the concept shoot was drawn from the beautiful grounds of the Orchard House in Concord, NC. It's an estate that was built in 1853 and since then has been refurbished by an awesome mother (Kim) and her two daughters (Emily and Melissa) for weddings. The venue has three lush garden areas for ceremonies and a tented reception site on the property.

The main design element of the garden tablescape was a DIY plate charger that I made out of fabric and cake rounds to add texture and an antique look to the table. For the second tablescape on the porch, I wanted to bring out more of the whimsy and delight of the concept, so my inspiration came from yellow ceramic vases and green votive holders with cut-outs of birds that I found at a local craft and home décor store.

As the Orchard House as my inspiration, I went with a design concept that was old south and celebrated the uniqueness of the gardens on the property. The color palette was chocolate, lemon and sage for its earthy and crisp feel and the mood I wanted to evoke was delightful and charming, like the movie "Steel Magnolias", but also having an air of high-society. For the shoot we staged two different tablescapes to capture the versatility of the location: one in the gardens and the second on the front porch of the house.

Bottom Line...simple touches = big impact.  I love it. Tell me you didn't want to pinch yourself after seeing this photo shoot.  Be honest.