Enjoy Cupcakes + Joel Serrato + Jose Villa
February 22, 2010

I always get really excited when I get something from Joel Serrato. And today is one of those lucky days. Joel was actually on hand to film the entire photoshoot that Jose and Enjoy Cupcakes put together and when I tell you it's genius, I am barely scratching the surface. There is just something about Joel and his gorgeous cinematography that makes me all butterflies and spirit sprinkles. And this is all that...and so much more. But buyer beware. It will definitely ruin your diet while simultaneously making you want to redecorate your house.

Go Joel! We are now officially a little bit in love with you, a little bit in love with Amber, a little bit in love with Jose. And very, very hungry. Oh and if the story wasn't sweet enough, here is a little snippet that Amber's adorable husband wrote about her adventures in cupcaking...

From the day I first met Amber Joy, I knew she was beautifully unique in so many different ways. My name is Kevin and I am Amber’s “goofy” husband. After 8 years of marriage, she proclaimed she wanted to open a cupcake shop.” “Seriously, do you even know how to bake honey”, I diplomatically asked because she had never really baked anything for me before? And then it happened! It started raining cupcakes. I knew she baked as an intern during high school and worked for respected bakeries throughout college, but I did not understand her “true passion”. I had no idea! We were so blessed to have Jose Villa and Joel Serrato extend their AMAZING talents to capture Amber’s passion.


Here’s a little overview about Enjoy...Enjoy Cupcakes was launched April 1st, 2009 in the ultra fun wine tasting lounge “Saarloos and Sons” Located in Los Olivos California (www.saarloosandsons.com). Amber offers six different flavors each week, and to date has created over 150 unique cupcake flavors. The weekly menu always features 2 different wine infused cupcake flavors, with one of them always being the “Signature Treat” - Chocolate Blackberry Syrah. Creating cupcakes for weddings is Amber’s favorite part of the business. She holds these orders extra close to her heart. She can create custom “one of kind” cupcakes for that special day and, with her expertise in wine cupcakes, she can even translate your “wedding wine” into a specific cupcake flavor.

Amber also loved the concept of serving cupcakes out of a restored vintage Shasta “Airflyte” trailer for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, corporate, etc. We found the perfect trailer and purchased it on e-bay in Buttonwood California –random! It has become another signature aspect of our business. “What makes Enjoy Cupcakes different”? This is a question that many people ask and the overwhelming answer for us is ‘straight up taste!” I am not a huge “Sweets guy” myself but Amber has a creed when it comes to her cakes: #1 – Moist Cake, #2 – Flavors (not sugar, but real flavors using natural, fresh ingredients), #3 – Looks. All of which makes me a very happy and blessed man :) ENJOY!