DIY Wedding by Amy and Stuart, II
February 15, 2010
United States

Okay, now on to some of the insane details. I love, love, love every little thing about this wedding. From the vintage typewriter to the funky programs, to the completely understated but utterly sweet, fresh ring of lavender that the couple stood in while saying their vows. Oh, and please, please, check out the seating chart. So charming...

Lace wrapped vases and hand crafted candies in beautiful paper? Yes, please...Oh, and how about those heart shaped peppers on the mini taco salads? Yum, yum, yum.

A little more from the DIY Queen herself, Vy:

Another element that was important to us was using as many vintage or recyclable items as we could for our wedding. We incorporated lots of personal decor items - the birdcage, the vintage typewriter, the typewriter stand, the birdbath - as props for the wedding. (The birdcage doubled as a place to hold cards and notes from guests. The birdbath had iron birds sitting in a wreath of lace scraps where our rings rested during the ceremony. The typewriter and typewriter table were put to use as a guestbook.)  Friends, family, and our caterer saved glass bottles & containers for us to hold flowers for the tables. Scraps of Kluny lace that I've used for clothes I've designed decorated the glass containers.

I had a collection of vintage linen handkerchiefs & napkins, as well as linen doilies that I used for the table centerpieces. I made the dessert stands from glass plates & goblets that I bought at the thrift store and epoxied together. Our plates and flatware were purchased from Bambu. Even though those were disposable, they are made from organically grown bamboo veneer and are also biodegradable. We had 30's era big band swing music streaming from our iPod to keep the mood light the whole day.

Altogether, I put a lot of thought into use and reuse for the day of the wedding. A lot of the things that I used for our wedding were things that were already a part of our daily lives or were things that we loved and wanted to showcase in a fresh way. Mundane objects can be gorgeous and exciting when they are arranged in groups or used in an unexpected way.

All these details came together seamlessly the day of for us. There was so much love and work put into all the details and we were both so ecstatic that our vision translated into a happy day full of joy and warmth with our friends and family.

So much more to come from Vy and Michael's wedding and the photographers behind the day, Amy and Stuart.

xoxo, Beth Helmstetter