Wedding Party ~ Inspiration From Cunningham Photo Artists
February 14, 2010
By: eddye

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today's THE day to celebrate ... the LOVE of your life, the LOVE of your family, the LOVE of  ... well, honestly?  Just LOVE!!

Happy Valentine's

kissing ball

mini cakes 2

And because it's a day to celebrate LOVE ... we're sharing more "passion party" prettiness from Drea & Casey Cunningham's blog in honor of Valentine's Day!

Drea & Casey recently threw the first of several fabulous parties ~ for their clients and other wedding super-stars! Their soiree centered around passion. Perfect Valentine's Day post!   So they asked their friends ...

What’s Your Passion Inspiration?

from LBB member,  Ivy Robinson ...

When I think of the word “passion” I automatically think of a monochromatic color scheme using pinks & reds. The inspiration for this event was the existing crystal chandelier at Casey & Drea’s Studio. To pull this crystal element throughout the space we hung layers of crystal curtains in front of the windows to add some glitz. The existing curtains that were in their studio were taupe…not in our color scheme! So I covered them up and used left-over linens to drape over the window and hung some mirrors over the mirror bar to pull this look together. The gerber daisies were pinned to the crystal wall and put in the vases that were the “legs” of the mirror bars. We made a ribbon wall as the back drop for the “photo corner” to add a splash of color in that area of their studio. The look was to be interesting, fun & swanky!

DIY Mirror Table/Bar ~ (step aside those boring tables with the same old linens!)

Supplies: Six (6) 32” inch tall cylinder or square vases; One 5-6 foot mirror (we purchased these mirrors from Home Depot); Flowers, Candy, or whatever strikes your fancy!

Assembly: Put the mirror on top of the vases. Be sure it is sturdy and on level ground. Voilá!

crystal wall

Cunningham Gerbera

Cunninghams Party

DIY Ribbon Wall ~ Different widths of ribbon in color(s) of your event; Wooden dowel or strips of wood cut to the length of the wall; Glue gun, Glue sticks, Tape Measure, Scissors, X O X O cut-outs

Assembly:  Cut the ribbon to the desired wall height.  Start gluing layers and layers on the wooden dowel until you get the fullness you want. Hang it up with zip ties. Start the photo shoot!  This is a great backdrop behind a bar, band, DJ, Cake etc. It creates a great focal point for any event!

Cunningham Mini Cakes

from Amy Craparo of The WOW Factor Cakes ... What's your passion?

Who says no to sweethearts?

Now combine the heart shaped individual cakes with a gorgeous photo valentine, a wrapped box invitation and you have passion unleashed! And it worked! Nearly every person invited attended our event ~ albeit, in horrible weather! For the party itself, my centerpiece cake was designed to convey sweet, simple ROMANCE. Delicate handmade sugar roses with soft colors to match the beautiful custom made table linens. Jay of In Bloom Ltd's floral arrangements tied the visual experience together with amazing intuition. The cake flavors were a moist white cake filled with raspberry preserves and white chocolate pastry cream. Strawberry cake with cream cheese filling and fresh sliced strawberries was another delicious layer!


And ... Casey's famous Flirtini recipe?  As promised ... 

In each martini glass, add one fresh raspberry and two mint leaves.

Crush and maul the mint and raspberry in the glass.

Add champagne to glass to fill it ¼ full.

In a pitcher, mix: -1 cup of Raspberry Vodka -1 cup of Orange Vodka -1/2 cup of Triple Sec. -1 ¼ cup of Pineapple Juice. -1 ¼ cup of Cranberry Juice -1/4 cup of Lime Juice -1/4 cup of Grenadine.

Stir the contents of the pitcher.

Fill the martini glasses with the mix and give them a little stir.

Feel the passion!!

* * *

Once again, from the Cunningham's and ALL of SMP's Little Black Book members ... have a day filled with LOVE & PASSION ... for everyone that's nearest and dearest!

Cunningham Heart Wreath

Vendor Credits:

Cunningham Photo Artist, Ivy Robinson Weddings & Events, The WOW Factor Cakes, Passion 8 Bistro, In Bloom, Ltd. Salutations