Pantone Wedding Guide by Dessy
January 26, 2010

There are only a few things that I have carried from house to house to house. My grandfather's paintings, my husband, a chandelier that I bought at a flea market in San Francisco and my Pantone color guides. Sounds ridiculous to carry little Pantone swatch books from Houston to San Fran to Boston, but what can I tell you. I love them. They've helped me find the perfect wall color, the perfect paper color for our Christmas cards, the perfect hue for SMP's color palette. And now, they can help you find the perfect bridesmaids dress.


Launched by the fabulous bridal outfitter, Dessy, it's actually the coolest new tool on the planet, allowing you to literally create the ideal bridesmaids dress hue based off your Pantone guide. There are over 190 colors to choose from (craziness), chronologically arranged by color family. Which means that you can create the perfect dress for each and every maid. It's genius. Total genius and to be honest, I only wish that I had thought of it first.


To see if this is something that you are going to add to your must have list, start here. You can check out all of the super adorable dresses that are designed to accommodate this fabulous new tool and play around with some of Dessy's super cool interactive color palette tools. And then you can buy the little guide Pantone fan ($35) so that your maids will all be perfectly styled with hues that compliment your wedding style to perfection. My favorite mix and match selection is Caspian to Capri, and everything in between.

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