Spread The Love With Justin & Mary Marantz
January 18, 2010
By: eddye
New England

Today, I find myself in a bit of a bind! The need for an LBB blog feature with little (to no) prep time due to an unexpected glitch in my schedule. So ~ where do I turn? No question ... the Marantz' blog!

Justin Mary Marantz Laurelton Hall Connecticut

I LOVE their blog. I know that whether they are posting one of their astonishing weddings or writing about one of their latest adventures, it's always going to be a great read. So, what started out as a hunt for some wedding prettiness ... turned out to be some pretty exciting news for me today.

Not only are Justin & Mary Marantz incredible photographers, they are also terrific writers ...  and from what I've gatherred, they are making quite a name for themselves as speakers in their Spread The Love workshops. Right now, they are just beginning their third week in what looks like a grueling jaunt from North to South ... then East to West and everywhere in between!

What is Spread The Love?  In their words ...

Spread the Love is a workshop about LIFE.  Anyone who works for themselves or is in a service-based industry can attend.  We talk about how to build a business that works for you, rather than the other way around!  We focus on building your business, but we also touch on finances, relationships and giving back.  It's the feel good movie of the year! It would be terrific if we could help just one person avoid the pitfalls that we fell into.

If you read just a few of the comments on their website, it will be pretty obvious what a smashing success their workshops are.  Justin & Mary's complete schedule and links to sign up to attend Spread The Love can be found on their website ~ Spread The Love!

Justin Marantz Photography

Their latest wedding blockbuster is that of Sarah & John at Laurelton Hall and the New Haven Lawn Club. After you've feasted on all three parts ... you will totally feel like you were there (or wish you could have been)!

From Justin and Mary's blog ... Sarah & John Part OneSarah & John Part Two; and  Sarah & John Part Three

Since I'm quite literally swiping these images from their website, I think I'll have to leave it at this ...

Justin Mary Marantz New Haven Lawn Club

... and count on you to follow the links (above) for the complete feature!

* * *

And the exciting news for me?  Justin & Mary are in Houston on Friday. Hmmmmmm !!!!!

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