Keep Cozy Round Up II
January 18, 2010
Happy MLK day everyone! Given the chilly temperatures, our Round Up Editor, Carrie, decided it would be fun to track down some fashionable alternatives to chattering teeth...

* * *

Taking a cue from many of the brides featured on SMP who don fabulous items to keep them warm on their wedding day, we thought we would do a little Round Up for all of you brides that are getting married this winter or in the early spring and fall. While a cute cardi is perfect for some, a great jacket might just be the ticket for a more jazzy affair.

Whether you just need a classy coat to get you from wedding to reception or you want to wear your jacketini all night long, this next collection will be your guide.

Row I: Personally, I think jackets are key if your in a colder climate. In order to avoid bulk and risk of a fashion faux pas go for cropped jackets that are perfectly tailored and ultra feminine. For an updated “Jackie O” look, I love this metallic blend jacket by Milly. For a softer look, this reversible caplet by indie designer, Madelin Zero is just the thing for a snowy evening. And for those who are all about making a fashion statement, check out this silk jacket by Twenty8Twelve. From the intricate texture to the confetti print, this is a must-have item.

Row II: Sequins are a major fashion trend and what better time to wear them than for a fun-filled evening when you’re the center of attention. This cardigan from Urban Outfitters is an affordable rendition to the big name designers in a classic, glamorous cut. For a more structured look, pop on this jacket from Anthropologie that combines a shorter cut with frilly details making it an ideal topper for a pretty gown. If your looking for something you can wear all night long, this ruffle jacket by Weston Wear is a super cute alternative.

Row III: Sometimes all you need is a really stylish coat to get you from wedding to reception and reception to your get-away car. I have to say, you cannot go wrong in a long coat in a luscious creamy shade. The look is always fresh and classic over a beautiful wedding gown. In a variety of styles, these three are some of our favs: Mod Cloth’s cutest little mod jacket, LuLu’s ultra chic and edgy coat, and this lustrous golden tweed topper also found at Mod Cloth.