DIY Confetti Containers
January 18, 2010
DIY Inspired
I know I wasn't the only one going crazy for the adorable Michigan wedding we featured last week. Besides being ridiculously charming, it was loaded with sweet, steal-worthy details that could easily be translated to any wedding style.


Photography by Jess + Nate Studios

Well, fortunately for all of us, the bride was kind enough to stop by with a super do-able DIY project for the darling little confetti containers she made for her own wedding. From Sarah...


Materials needed:

Thickish Paper (I used the luxe fino cream cover weight paper from paper source)
Double stick tape
Xacto Knife or Paper cutter
Ink Jet printer

1. I used the creme paper from Paper-Source and printed a pattern on both sides of an 8.5" x 11" paper. However you could also use any two sided patterned paper (usually found in scrapbooking supplies)

2. Cut the paper down to 6" squares.

3. Dog ear the paper on one edge about 1" in, so that the folded part runs to a point at the corner.

4. Run double stick tape along the folded edge.

5. Take the opposite corner from the folded edge and the most folded in corner and bring them together. (then press down so the double stick tape sticks)

6. Then create your labels. I again printed on plain paper.

7. Cut the labels out. (mine say... After "I Do" Please shower the newlyweds as they walk down the aisle)

8. I used double stick tape to then adhere the labels as well.

9. Then fill them with confetti or rose petals. I had them in baskets for people to pick up at the ceremony.