Kentucky Wedding with Vintage Charm
January 7, 2010

I kind of feel like I should have saved today's first featured Kentucky wedding (yep, we have two) for Valentine's Day. The colors, the ridiculously in love couple, the warmth and intimacy of the whole wedding. It screams Valentine's Day. But, isn't that just what every wedding should be? Absolutely. So, let me introduce to you, Josue and Susannah Galan. The world's cutest couple with possibly the world's most lovely wedding.

Kentucky Wedding with Total Charm

Kentucky Wedding with Total Charm

photography by Catana Photography

Everything about the day was perfect...our families together, our cultures mixing, our two lives becoming one and it all happened so beautifully on a hilltop under a very special oak tree in Washington County, Kentucky. Josue Galan and Susannah Marlowe (that's me) were married August 1, 2009 at 7 pm at my family's cabin in the country, under the most beautiful old oak tree.  I was so worried that it would be painfully hot (August in Kentucky can be miserable) so I ordered wedding fans in our colors for the guests.

My dress. After months of dress shopping, I was one frustrated bride...I couldn't seem to find the perfect dress!  I tried on many that had elements of what I wanted but none that were exactly it, so I decided to have it made!  I worked with an incredible seamstress to design my dress, and I got to be part of every step.  I got to choose every fabric on it from the lining, to the crinolin, to the silk dupioni and the overlay.  Needless to say I finally did have my perfect, one-of-a-kind dress!  I wanted my bridesmaids to feel comfortable in their dresses too, especially since each of them had a very different body shape, so we had their dresses made too (by the same awesome seamstress).  I ordered one huge panel of their blue dress material and gave it to the seamstress.  Each of the bridesmaids went out to find their perfect pattern and took it to the seamstress who then took their measurements and went to work!  And if that wasn't enough, the seamstress also handmade my veil!