Kentucky Wedding with Vintage Charm, III
January 7, 2010

The bride behind today's first featured Kentucky wedding is actually a photographer. Which means that she's probably seen every type of wedding on the planet thus making it both impossible and incredibly easy to design her own. And what I love the most about the day that she and her hubby built is that it bucked all tradition in design and instead focused on the love, the family, the fun. With that as the focus, you are pretty much good to go.

picnic wedding

picnic wedding

Because of the difficulty of setting up chairs on a hilltop we decided that the seating at the wedding would picnic style.  In the invitation we had a section informing guests to bring their own blanket.  (Due to my mother's great concern for the "elderly" we did have a small section of chairs).  It had rained three days straight before the wedding which is so not typical for August in Kentucky, but thankfully on August 1 the sun rose early shining its glorious yellow light down on our oak tree and drying up all the grass around it!

My isle was 200 yards long...yeah, nearly a football field, so we needed some way to line it so people wouldn't lay there blankets in the isle!  Originally we were going to do flowers all along the way but we realized that we would still need a TON, so my dad kindly cut up a few trees from the farm into stumps to separate out the potted arrangements that my mom made (all by hand...she bought up flowers for weeks before the wedding!)

The whole event was very family oriented.  I got ready with my bridesmaids at the cabin, and we were surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings all day long who were helping set up for the wedding!  The cabin is our family get-away spot and very special to us.  As well as vacation spot, it also serves as the men's hunting cabin!  Hence the deer that appear in some of the pictures.