Wedding Reception From Hakim Sons Films ~ CELEBRATE
January 3, 2010
By: eddye

So ..... we are now well into the third day of a wonderful new year .... well rested .... quite ready to jump headlong into a new wedding season with the newly engaged, the spring brides who are putting the finishing touches on their weddings as well as all of you other wedding aficionados who make Style Me Pretty one of your favorite daily reads!

film clip

We want to say thank you ~ a HUGE thank you ~ to all of our Little Black Book cinematographers who sent us their favorite wedding films from this past year. And, to thank you all for your patience with us. Posting films isn't difficult, but sometimes, for someone who is not well versed in the art (that would be me), even one extra 'space' in the code will mess me up!  After a week of films of all shapes, sizes and styles, I'm getting pretty good at it ~ if I do say so myself!

And so today, we bring you our last entry of our tribute to the wedding cinematographers of the LBB!

This film is from Shezad Manjee at Hakim Sons Films and features the drop-dead gorgeous wedding reception of Miki and Trevor (daughter of country singer Neal McCoy). It's simply terrific!

Congratulations to Miki & Trevor! What a wonderful celebration!! And as always, thanks to our wonderful LBB cinematographers at Hakim Sons Films for sharing.