Portal Films + Jeffrey and Julia Woods = Black Label Cinematography
January 1, 2010
By: eddye

Good Morning 2010! Wow ... it's hard to believe we're in a new decade. And while the technology of wedding documentation has grown by leaps and bounds, we find ourselves appreciating the older artistic styles of the past even more now than we did back then!  We've shown you several examples this week of the Super 8 style of cinematographry that has become popular with brides and grooms. Today, we'd like to show you a film produced by Andy Jackson of Portal Films and Jeffrey & Julia Woods Photography. It's called their Black Label and combines the rich portraiture and journalistic photography of the Woods' with classic vintage-styled filming from Andy Jackson.

Photography by Jeffrey and Julia Woods

A description of the Black Label product from Jeffrey Woods ...

We feel that this new visual ~ our Black Label ~ creates greater documentation of your wedding day. It tells a different story that you just can't get from still images alone. It allows you to see what goes on behind the scenes of those images and enhances those relationships that mean everything to you as a bride and groom. This combination of still images and Super 8 filming provides a holistic documentation merging the two mediums together to produce something vintage and chic. It goes beyond the ordinary.

This film is about 6 minutes. Please press play and then pause and allow the film to load in the background. Then press play again for a much smoother playback. While the film is loading, take a peek back in time to the original feature on Ashley & Andrew's wedding. Their classic, elegant wedding in Peoria was the essence of beauty.

You WILL enjoy this Black Label style ~ it's the best of both worlds!

Stunning, right?

Oh ... and Happy New Year to all of you!!!!