December Wedding from Mason Jar Films
December 29, 2009

I'm so excited to share this next affair with you... not only do we have a seriously gorgeous wedding but we have an incredible film of the whole event. The dream team at Mason Jar Films did a same day (yes, same day) edit of the footage and gave the couple a private screening of the film at the end of their reception. Pretty amazing, right!?!

Kate and Bill, SDE from Chris P. Jones on Vimeo

From Mason Jar Films...

When I left Kate and Bill's rehearsal dinner at 11:30 p.m., I wasn’t thinking about going to bed in preparation for the big day that awaited me tomorrow.  After meeting with Kate and her mother Rebecca three days prior and hearing about all they had in store for the weekend, I was riding a wave of inspiration and creativity.  Then, after hearing friend upon friend toast the striking couple Friday night, I was so full of positive energy that I had to find a way to inject that into our service we would provide to them on the wedding day.

So I returned to my office and began planning a Same-Day-Edit highlight film to be presented to the couple at the close of their reception - that's right - I would have a self-contained, highly polished product to premiere to the couple at the end of the evening to culminate the emotional experience of their wedding day.

The difficulty was not in getting it done - my editors Chance and Taylor were more than capable - it was in deciding which of the plethora of gorgeous shots to use and which ones to leave out.  From the stunning couple as they prepared throughout the day, to the festive Christmas poinsettias at First Baptist Waco, to the amazing floral decor by Rosetree at the Roosevelt Ballroom, this event was a visual masterpiece!

With the evening winding down and Blind Date belting out their last tune of the night, Chance “locked down the picture” and we gave Kate and Bill a private viewing of their surprise gift.  With a rare moment alone, and with tears in their eyes, Kate and Bill were able to pause and reflect upon the amazing experience they had encountered in the company of the people who loved them most.