Celebrating Wedding Cinematography On Style Me Pretty: A Year-End Review
December 28, 2009
By: eddye

We have sooooo many fantastic wedding cinematographers who are a part of our Style Me Pretty family. Throughout the year, they send us many wonderful submissions and though we love and respect them all so much ... we don't run all that many film features on the LBB blog. I just wanted to take a quick minute to try to explain why...

Aaron Delesie Photography Millenium Biltmore Los Angeles Wedding

Photos are our bread and butter. Not in a monetary sense, but in an image-based blog such as we have, they ARE the story. They are the inspiration that everyone comes here to inhale on a daily basis. They catch your eye, grab your attention ... our most typical problem is how to pare down the numbers of photos that we show you! A real-wedding feature has way too many details to show you everything and so we edit ... we pick and choose and try to select a composite of images that gives you the overall feel of the celebration. We try to find the particulars about a wedding that might be unique or different from the norm. To give you food for thought and get your juices going.  We talk about eye candy all the time. What we really want to give you is the whole 9 course meal!

Aaron Delesie LA Wedding Millenium Biltmore

Wedding films, on the other hand take time. Time to load. Time to watch. Time, for a blog editor, is a critical balancing act. Weighing how long the typical reader spends on a post versus the time it takes to 'tell the story' is really quite difficult to figure out. The fact that films must first be loaded (in the background) before viewing slows the whole process down. Not conducive to retaining our readers' attention.

What to do, what to do!

We know that most of you have many blogs and wedding sites that you frequent on a daily basis. We also know that SMP is ALL about the big pretty pictures. But we are SO much more than that. We are a GOLDMINE of real-wedding experiences. And our cinematographers are a huge part of that. Taking the time to watch these real weddings will give you such a terrific idea as to the style of wedding that speaks to YOU.  As much as our wedding images may sway you toward one style or another, so too can the videos that we share.

Aaron Delesie Photography Los Angeles Millenium Biltmore

One last thing. We do understand that most of you only have a limited amount of time each day to soak in wedding prettiness. We also know that many of you hate to "click". Extra clicks = Extra time. (Hating extra clicks is still kind of funny to me ... but loading a video DOES take a few extra clicks!) Well, it stands to reason that we're going to lose you guys for the day when we feature wedding films! And that makes me sad. BUT for those of you who DO hate to click, I guess we'll just have to resign ourselves to the fact that WHEN you're at that point of selecting your cinematographer, you'll be back to these posts!

Aaron Delesie LA Millenium Biltmore

And so as a salute to our wonderful Little Black Book cinematographers, we bring you a week full of wedding films ... from all around the country ... in all shapes and sizes ... and from wonderfully talented men and women who are dedicating their lives to bringing you memories you'll cherish your whole life long.

* * *

Our thanks to the wonderful Aaron Delesie for the images on today's post. Stay tuned for more from this wedding from Curtis and Laura at Living Cinema!