Blue Skies Cinema And The Red Velvet Couch
December 28, 2009
By: eddye

It's rare that we publish a trash the dress session. And although the dress in this film does take quite a beating, it's really not about that! This film is SO full of energy and SO full of life that I couldn't help busting out in a huge grin! This shoot from Blue Skies Cinema is just an amazing example of the aura of out & out glee surrounding this bride on her big day. This bride OWNS her dress and OWNS her happiness like no other I've ever seen! I mean, come on, when will you ever get to do something like this again!?! Her joy and passion are written all over the day!! You'll see what I mean.

from Blue Skies Cinema ... A red velvet couch accompanies this bride from the desert to the sea and everywhere in between.

Blue Skies Cinema Bridal Gown Shoot

Don't forget ~ for best playback experience, press PLAY then PAUSE. Allow the film to load in the background then press PLAY again. Be prepared to join in the fun!

Blue Skies Cinema from Jeff Wright on Vimeo.

Pretty awesome stuff!!

For more about the Blue Skies Cinema team, click here.  Happy New Year Jeff, Claressa and Erik!