Fresh Voices for Style Me Pretty
December 27, 2009
By: Tait

Since I started Style Me Pretty, I have written just over 3,400 posts. Over 600,000 words all about weddings. But I'm lucky. I work with vendors that blow me away, that are continually surprising and delighting me with their innovation and style. I work with brides that put their heart and soul into designing a day that reflects their own personality and their own unique voice. And although I KNOW more than anything, that a wedding is beautiful because of the love between the couple, I also have a passion for wedding style and all of the silly/personal/fun/gorgeous details that go into the translation of that couple's style. So it's been pretty easy.

smp headquarters

image by Grazier Photography

Anyway. Although I am really excited to write well over 600,000 more words all about weddings, well...we think that it might be time for a few fresh faces to join me on Style Me Pretty. So before we begin another week of gorgeousness, I thought I would let all of you bloggers out there know that if you are interested in writing for Style Me Pretty, we'd love to hear from you. Specifically, we are looking for local wedding or lifestyle bloggers (big and small, with readers and without) who not only have a love of this industry, but also have a really laid back, chic writing style. If you are well versed in a specific geographical area or wedding style...even better. Oh, and although a knowledge of hyperboles is appreciated, it isn't required (that's a joke). So, if you think you might fit the bill, make sure to get in touch. Make sure to provide a link to your blog if you have one!

Elaine will be guest blogging a bit for me this week, as I spend a few days fine tuning our plans for 2010.  Elaine is our fabulous intern-turn-SMP-guru and will definitely give you girls some serious inspiration for your big day.