Wedding Photography From Steve DePino
December 22, 2009
By: eddye
New England

Continuing on with our call for Award-Winning Wedding Photography from our LBB photographers ... today's gorgeous images are from the equally gorgeous Steve DePino ...

Steve DePino Holiday Photo Shoot SMP LBB

Steve DePino Holiday Photo Shoot SMP LBB

Steve DePino Holiday Photo Shoot SMP LBB

Steve DePino Holiday Photo Shoot SMP LBB

Steve DePino Holiday Photo Shoot SMP LBB

These images haven't officially won any awards (yet), but in our books, they should!  Steve took part in this terrific Holiday Photo Shoot that Abby featured a few days ago on SMP. He was there as the dashing groom! However, when he wasn't in front of the camera, he couldn't resist taking a few shots of his own!

That would be Steve (below) as the dashing groom ~ sorry Steve, but you've gotta' admit, you did a great job! If anyone missed it, here are the links to Abby's features:  Connecticut Holiday Wedding Photo Shoot. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 !

Connecticut LBB Vendors Holiday Photo Shoot

However, in addition to his talents in front of the camera, Steve is even more awesome behind the lens!

Steve De Pino 4


We asked our LBB photographers to send us either their favorite award-winning images ... or a few photos that they believe ought-to-be (or will-be) contest winners! These first two photos (above) are two of Steve's favorite new images.

The next two ARE already award winners!

from Steve ...

This type of photograph asks the client to have a lot of confidence in their photographer. The couple picked their wedding venue primarily because of it's beautiful river views so the idea of shooting some of their portraits against an on-site retaining wall might NOT have been their first choice of shooting locations! AWARD


Again from Steve ...

This was a 'right place at the right time' type of photo. As the bride and groom were leaving the church (after a few quick formals), a lone light shaft came peaking though a window at the far end the church. I was so excited about the light that I rushed the bride over to do a few shots before the light disappeared. After rattling 10 or so frames off, the groom walked over and was amazed at the shots. In all the excitement about the light I had almost forgottem about the groom! Once I placed him into the scene, the image really became much more complete. I just love the way the light points to and rims both of their heads. I really couldn't have placed the light in a better location myself. It was truly divine light." Grand Prize

Steve De Pino 2

Gorgeous, Steve. Simply gorgeous.

* * *

We absolutely encourage you to take a look at more of Steve's work on his blog and website. Hands-down ... one of the best!

Engagement Shoot

Themed Engagement Shoot (from Steve's blog)


Kathy and Adam's Wedding, Hartford CT (from Steve's blog)