Gift Wrapping Inspiration from Grey Likes Weddings, II
December 16, 2009

For anyone that knows me...a white on white color palette is pretty much as good as it gets. My mother in law even gave me a white poinsettia this year while she gave everyone else the traditional red variety. I literally own 20 or so little white t-shirts, I wear a white winter coat, I only own white linens and china and am currently bursting out of my 4 year old white sneaks that I can't seem to part with. In my book, a pretty white wedding is just about as good as it gets.

grey likes weddings

So you KNOW I loved this Winter white inspiration that Summer over at Grey Likes Weddings sent us. It totally satisfies every creative bone in my body and has single handedly given me more holiday cheer than I've ever had before. I am headed out to the fabric store this weekend to replicate these designs and can't wait to see what variations I can come up with. So, while I could blab on and on, I'll instead just give you a bit more eye candy.

holiday diy project

And while we are putting the finishing touches on a fabulous DIY that Summer did, head on over to Grey Likes Weddings. Summer has also put together a swell Wine Wrap project that I am 100% going to do this holiday season.

Vendors: Styling and Inspiration by Grey Likes Weddings / Photography by Jenny Liu / Calligraphy by Calligraphos Ink / Gift tags by Mae Mae Paperie