Inspiration to Reality Winner and New Challenge!
December 14, 2009

Not only are we announcing the latest winner of the Inspiration to Reality Challenge this afternoon but we're announcing a new challenge! It's a lot we know... but trust us, we have so many amazing, beyond-your-wildest-wedding-dreams photo shoots coming your way it's well worth it!

* * *

Our next über-talented team to take on the Inspiration to Reality Challnege is Gina Barber from A Thyme to Cook for event design, fashions from White Dress by the Shore, photography by Steve DePino, Invitations by Stonington Paperie, Makeup by Dana Bartone, florals by Jessica's Country Flowers, and cinematography by Buzz Media.

The winning board will be chosen on Friday, December 18th from the boards on the Style Circle. In order to enter your board in our challenge, make sure to label and tag it Inspiration Board Challenge #8 to be considered.

* * *

Without further ado, we would like to share the newest inspiration board to make it to the ranks of real life photo shoot. Jessamyn Harris, photographer extraordinaire and Jess Flood, event design guru picked this blissfully-beautiful board from Emilia and we can completely see why... it's icy-blue goodness and feminine charm all wrapped up in one. Thrilled to see the results!

Inspiration Board Challenge #7

Credits: Dress by Valentino via This is Glamorous / Decoupage Menu Tray by Paris Hotel Boutique / Lisa Lefkowitz / Scarlet & Violet / Elizabeth Messina / Accessories via a glamorous little side project / and Our Labor or Love.

If you love this board and you love this idea, we would LOVE for you to design a board too. Just head over to the Style Circle and start creating! Have fun and design anything that you would love to see come to life!