DIY Project: Painted Vases
December 14, 2009
DIY Inspired
We are kicking off the week with one of those DIY project that I just know will find it's way into so many of your weddings. It was crafted by Kathleen at Twig & Thistle and is about as practical as it is completely gorgeous. A perfect fit for any wedding...or any holiday table!

DIY vases

This is an idea for inexpensive centerpieces with high impact. Old glassware and paper weights take on a whole new look with a little paint. I went to my local thrift store and gathered several glass and metal objects then simply spray painted them with black paint. Cluster and fill with a few floral arrangements and they become a beautiful centerpiece. Best part, once the wedding is over, you have loads of beautiful vases to give away as gifts and decorate your new home!

Materials Needed:

Empty bottles and vases is varying shapes and sizes.
Spray Paint in desired colors (I used a flat black but it can be any gloss or color)

diy vases


1. Clean and dry bottles and vases thoroughly.
2. In a well ventilated area, spray paint items with several light coats of paint to cover entire piece. Allow each coat to dry completely before spraying the next.
3. Arrange vases and bottles and fill with flowers.


DIY vases

Kathleen's really cute DIY project can be applied to so many things. Gorgeous ornaments to decorate your tree, old picture frames to show off your family and friends, trays and cake stands, candle holders and old books.  And if you are looking for the most adorable holiday favor EVER that uses this same approach, check out Kathleen's latest etsy offerings!

Thanks so much, Kathleen! You've completely inspired me!