San Ysidro Ranch Wedding by Jessica Claire, IV
December 11, 2009
United States

This has been one of those days on Style Me Pretty. The kind of days that get me so excited about my job, that get the wheels turning and the butterflies moving. And to be honest, it's all thanks to Jessica Claire for sharing this absolutely incredible wedding. It's a fairytale wedding for sure and one that is filled to the brim with so many steal-worthy details. Particularly the crazy beautiful color palette and the pure warmth behind every image...

jessica claire

We wanted an outdoor, lush wedding and gardens and ponds, and peace and quiet in a secluded way so that we could get married in the sun and have a modest reception in rich colors and light with perfect food and the right blend of conversation and beverages. Of course one of the best parts to all this is the merger of ideas for such a wedding. We always had a sense of how it should be, but we also wanted to enjoy i,t so we needed someone who could understand quickly how to put it together - and that is complete art.

Jessica Claire Wedding

We researched the wedding style blogs and websites and basically interviewed a bunch of designers through reviews. It doesn't matter which review you choose, Alexandra Kolendrianos was the pick of the year and serendipity smiled in that she graciously was able to fit us in on a weekend she already had one other wedding - one I'm sure was equally as wonderful for some other lucky people.

Jessica Claire Wedding

Alexandra and Jay started swapping contact details of the vendors we liked, but basically we took all of the pre-planning ideas and concepts (literally a box of stuff) and handed it over to her. Alexandra picked up the game and run with it all the way. Even today, she remains a large tear in my eye, someone who, along with my husband, made our Jay's mother says "a dream I am not quite sure happened or not, it was so fantastic".

Coming up the entire wedding come to life!