Little Black Book of Holiday Gifts
December 11, 2009

It's the holiday season, so we're making our lists and checking them twice. But in lieu of a letter to Santa, we asked some of our friends in the industry to tell us some of the pressies they'll be passing around (and wishing for) this holiday season... nothing like a little holiday brainstorming sessions with some of the most style savvy folks we know!

First, a few gifts they would like to receive...

Gifts to Receive

1. Vanilla Bakeshop: I would like to rescue a dog from a shelter. We currently have a maltese-poodle named “Noodles”, and want to get her a buddy to play with. There are sooo many sweet dogs out there that need good homes. 2. Jaimeson Gann of Jackie Allen: LOVE these Kate Spade Fiona Slippers... and will probably order for my business partner/mom and also hoping they are under my tree. This green is our company color and then who doesn't love a "present bow" - just adorable. 3. Amy Nichols: I'd love to get a vintage-style Beach Cruiser bike - I'd throw a basket on it and a bell and be good to go! Blue is my favorite color, and it even matches my logo. 4. liana Photography: My Christmas pick... Tocca Candles from The Paris Market. 5. Kim Fischer: Necklace from Gorsuch, these are so beautiful, natural stone hearts inlaid with tiny pearls and stone. 6. Lindsey from Sweet Monday Photography: Every year, I ask my parents for a really beautiful cookbook. I've got quite the collection now, and I love flipping through them even when I don't have time to cook. On my list this year, I Know How To Cook, a french classic, published for the first time in English. 7. Sarah True of True & Wesson: One gift I would love to receive are these fabulous purple Uggs. Love the color and they are so cozy and warm!!!

Gifts to Receive

1. Beth Helmstetter: A collection of vintage hardware from Anthropologie. These knobs are the perfect finishing touches to my kitchen cabinets! 2. Justin & Mary Marantz: We would love to receive these plates from Pottery Barn. 3. Dorothy Fischer from Bennett Schneider: We all want - sugar paper custom stationery - how about these amazing calling cards! 4. Kara from Magnificent Milestones: Our new "will you be my bridesmaid boxes" since we love being in weddings! 5. Denise Fasanello Floral Design: I love Lumen by Adam Frank and shadow casting candle... and not only because my sweetie designs them, they are lovely. 6. Lyndsey Hamilton: I love all the John Derian vintage trays.


1. Joan of On Paper: Would love to give and receive a tree as a gift this holiday season. A great way to offset all our carbon holiday craziness! 2. Kalyn of Lilah Paper: The Eco-totes (which come in large and small sizes) from Treklight Gear are awesome! 3. Michelle, MB Wedding Design: The Big Ideas Journal from Chewing the Cud. 4. Sharzad Imani of CountDown Events: This is the perfect gift to receive North of the border for the holiday season...

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