Winter E-Session
December 9, 2009
Winter Weddings

And speaking of absolutely gorgeous Winter white inspirations...I fell pretty hard for this adorable e-shoot. It's few and far between that an engagement shoot will give me the real wedding butterflies, but this one did just that. Shot by Laura Ivanova Photography, the couple used the cut-your-own-tree farm in Minneapolis, Minnesota as their backdrop so that they would always remember their first Christmas together. SO stinking cute.


A ridiculously adorable couple, a gorgeous "set" and two huge balloons...not sure it gets any better than this. And you know what else. These shots actually catapulted me right out of my winter blues and got me so excited for the cold weather. Winter boots, here I come.

winter e-session

Thank you so very much to Laura Ivanov for sending us today's inspiration! And to the couple...Kristi and Keven, with this much style, I can't WAIT to see what you do with your wedding!