Giveaway Winners!
December 4, 2009

We're thrilled to announce the winners of the Hello! Lucky contest and the HUGE Crate and Barrel Product Giveaway. Thank you everyone for participating... every single time we do a contest I wish that each of you could win.

First up, the winner of the Crate and Barrel giveaway. This lucky readers wins ALL FOUR of these Crate and Barrel products, Wustoff Knife Set, Nambe Salad Bowl, Bamboo Utensil Set, and the Infinite Cookware Set.

Congratulations to Jess who said.....

This IS the best giveaway ever! Why do I love Crate & Barrel!? Let me count the ways: I love all things kitchen! The gadgets and gizmos a plenty, the amazing platters to display my culinary collections, sauces and recipes to help me create my fabulous feasts! What more could a person ask for??? and on top of that there is something- scratch that- many many somethings to furnish every other room in my house in a timeless way! In a way that makes people who walk into your home think "I want my home to look like this." It doesn't get any better than that!

Make sure to stay tuned because next week we're going to announce the winner of the $4000 Crate and Barrel shop card!


Next up, one lucky reader is going to receive 100 personalized holiday cards from Hello! Lucky. Now let me tell you, it was practically impossible to choose just one. Seriously, this was incredibly difficult. There were so many heartfelt, clever, sweet, and above all, very personal stories, that my heart nearly burst.

In the end, we couldn't resist this entry from Charlene....

After a couple years of dating, and several trips to his hometown of St. Paul, Derek finally took me to the Minnesota State Fair. As a California girl, born and bred, I could barely contain my excitement! Cheese curds?! Mini donuts?! Anything I could ever possibly want to eat….on a stick?! Minnesota State Fair, where have you been all my life? After an eventful morning of pig-petting at the Miracle of Life Center (Baby animals! Be still, my beating heart!), Derek and I made our way across the campgrounds, to meet up with his family. Still amped from my encounter with the infant farm animals, I didn’t think twice about Derek bending over to tie his shoe. When I finally acknowledged his bended-knee position, he was holding my grandmother’s ring (Precursor to the story: I had told Derek that, if ever should he decide to propose to me, I wanted to use the same ring that my grandpa gave to my grandma, during WWII).


Me: “What is that?”

Derek: “Your grandmother’s ring”.

Me: “What are you doing?”

Derek: “Asking you to be my wife”

And cue the water works. Now, this is the part of the story where Derek likes to tell people that I “snatched” the ring from his hand and placed it on my finger like a greedy little child (possibly true; I was in a daze), but I am pretty sure I let him slip it onto my finger. Either way, we were both shaking and crying, kissing and hugging. That night, my brand new fiancé won me a big stuffed Garfield, and we gorged ourselves on cotton candy and saltwater taffy.

When we got back home, Derek tacked the fair map to our wall and placed a pin in the area where he proposed – the exact middle of the fairgrounds! Not slightly to the left. Not slightly to the right. The exact center. We also found out that Derek’s grandfather had proposed to his grandmother at the Minnesota State Fair! I can’t wait to go back the fair, next year!

So sweet, really. Congratulations Charlene and Derek!