From Inspiration to Reality: The Board
December 2, 2009

Last night, I got the pictures in from our latest From Inspiration to Reality Challenge. And I literally cried. Sounds insane, I know...but the shoot that Millie Holloman and Jennifer from Salt Harbor Designs put together based on the inspiration board below is, well, beyond perfection. The details are not only insanely gorgeous, but they are totally steal-worthy. The color palette, the styling, the flowers. Every little bit of today's featured photo shoot is undeniably beautiful and it's a shoot that I know will inspire so many weddings, so many parties, so many homes. It's just all around goodness.

Inspiration Challenge 2 - Sweet Daytime

A quick note from Millie and Jennifer about the inspiration board that they chose...

We chose this inspiration board because we loved the colorful and youthful nature of it! The colors exuded spring, and so we set the table and ceremony site outdoors at Orton Plantation, which still had lots of green grass and gorgeous foliage. We decided to focus on the idea of letters and paper as the unifying concept. The board itself contained many patterns and colors, so we wanted to make these things a large part of our design as well, using mismatched furniture, wallpaper, and patterns. The inspiration piece also felt extremely home-made, like an event that a family might put together in their backyard. The vendors involved gathered items from their homes, like a letterpress drawer, fan, chairs, and trunks. Overall, we felt the board contained a childlike appreciation for the whimsical and bright, and we wanted these to be the central atmosphere for our photoshoot.

The full photoshoot is coming up next!