From Inspiration to Reality #2: The Board
November 25, 2009
Winter Weddings

This just in...we woke up this morning to the absolutely, jaw-droppingly gorgeous photographs from our second official From Inspiration to Reality feature! And I am literally busting at the seams. Photographed by the FABULOUS photographer Agnes Lopez, designed by the incredible florist and designer, Liza Chung and captured on film by Eric Torres, this shoot exceeded all of my wildest dreams.

But before we get to the images themselves, let's take a quick minute to remember the winning board that Mariah designed...

Inspiration Challenge #2- This is Fashion

Credits: this is glamorous (3), 100 layer cake, Jose Villa, Jose Villa Photography, Interieurs et Fleurs

The design team definitely took a Winter approach with this one and the result was a complete showstopper. I am just finishing up formatting the images but will be back in a flash with the full report.