Priscilla of Boston Wedding Dresses
November 24, 2009

Priscilla of Boston is kind of a Queen in the wedding industry. The brand has always been about gorgeous, luxurious, completely detailed gowns and they've brought a small handful of brands under their umbrella that bring a little something different to their name. The Vineyard Collection is one of my absolute favorites. Both in bridesmaids and in bridal. Here's a little peek at Vineyard's Fall 2010 Collection.

Oh and can I just say another ridiculously HUGE thank you to Matthew Grazier for capturing such stunning images.

priscilla of boston

The Vineyard Collection is all about updating the classics. Updating the classic silhouette by adding amazing fabric detailing. Bringing in contrasting but traditional fabrics...lace against duchess satin and organza. Playing with different proportions. Adding handmade embellishments, perfect fabric bows, contemporary uneven ruffles. It's all about updating the traditional with hints of modern charm.

vineyard wedding dresses

Next up is the classic Priscilla of Boston Collection. This line is a bit more traditional, a bit more opulent. The gowns use really gorgeous trims and bands that are made of really chunky pearls with rhinestone and crystal accents. The theme for the collection is "modern vintage" and really brings a glam vibe to the more traditional styles. And the result is total gorgeousness.

priscilla of boston

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