Wedding Shoes Round-Up, IV
November 23, 2009

I am one of those girls that will rock a heel until my foot falls off and my back is killing me. In my crazy head, fashion equals pain. But for all of you that are a bit more rational, there are some pretty killer flats that would look stunning with any wedding dress. In fact, there are WAY more flat options than heels...from ballet flats, to thongs, sandals and even kitten heels. There is so much cuteness out there for girls that want to look adorable while still being ultra-comfy.

Oh and just a quick sidenote. We've kept the palette neutral, as we are working hard on a "pops of color" post...great hued shoes, clutches and hair accessories for girls looking for a little splash of fabulous. To come in the next few weeks (so excited). But for now, we're back to the task at hand. The perfect wedding flat...

wedding shoes

Row I: I spotted these little gems when I was in Banana Republic the other day and I have to say, they are WAY cuter in person. They have this really soft, metallic color that is as elegant as it is chic. The next pair by Jeffrey Campbell are comfy AND cute. Love that. And I am mildly obsessed with the next sequened pair, also by Jeffrey Campell. So. freaking. cool.

Row II: The AMAZING bronze leather thongs are by Prada and although they carry a slightly less-than-Prada price, they just might be the perfect splurge. And for that bohemian chic style, I heart these gold wrap sandals by Hollywould. Another ankle wrap, and equally stunning shoe, would be this one by Etiopia.

Row III: These dramatic shoes have a very slight heel which will give you that extra inch without killing your feet. Plus, they are super cute in a leather metallic and would look pretty under just about any dress. Particularly the really flowy ones.  And speaking of heels, the next one by Chinese Laundry is a kitten heel and is total elegance. Love it. And lastly, I couldn't help but throw in these amazing sandals. They are a little bit boho, a little bit Gladiator and a lot cuteness.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg really. If you are looking for a fabulous flat...J. Crew is the reigning queen of the ballet flat. Together with Anthropologie, Banana and Nordstrom you are sure to find the perfect fit. And if you still haven't found the right shoe, one oh-so-smart reader reminded us that you can add a shoe clip, like these from B. Poetic,  to give your simple but comfortable pair a facelift.

Here are a few more ballet flats that we are looooooving.


Row 1: The glittery, sparkly, all together girly flat is SO me. The first pair, by Juicy Couture, is total yumminess. The velvet, the jewels, the shape. All together yummy. Love these from Urban Outfitters and I love the price tag ($38) even better. And these black and metallic flats by Anthropologie...perfection for the sophisticated bride.

Row 2: I am completely obsessed with the detailing on this first shoe by J. Crew. The velvet flower is absolutely gorgeous and would add such a pretty little something-something to your feet fashions. Same goes for these perfect gold ones from Anthropolgie. And this little pink piece of perfection, well, I love you.

Oh and before I wind down on our shoe round-up, I couldn't resist featuring a few from my latest obsession. The Gladiator. Perfect, perfect, perfect for the boho chic bride.

gladiator flats

Probably my favorite collective row out of the whole bunch, these gladiator flats are so super cool under a pretty wedding dress. Definitely takes a certain style of dress and a certain style of bride, but if you can pull it off, I think that you are really awesome. First ones found at Nordstrom, second ones at Loeffler Randal and third by Nordstrom.

WHEW! I am having a major shoe hangover. Switching gears to an impossibly pretty real wedding coming up next!