Mad Men Inspired Engagement Session by Studio Foto
November 19, 2009
New England

So, I have to confess, I haven't seen Mad Men yet, but after this awesome e-session by Studio Foto, I think it might be time for me to check it out. We've seen some amazing inspiration come out of the show lately, most recently this fabulous vintage Tennesse wedding. But this shoot at the Wang Theatre in Boston was all about fashion, drama and, of course, a whole lot of love.

Studio Foto 1

From Studio Foto...

A little while ago we met Ash and Kaitlin in Boston for their Love Shoot. Krystal and I were super excited because we knew that we were going to shoot in the Wang Theatre. What we didn't know was what Ash and Kaitlin had up their sleeves.  Just as we arrived we heard from Kaitlin that they decided to theme their shoot after their favorite TV show MAD MEN. Many of you know that we don't really watch TV, so I quickly googled MAD MEN. Who wouldn't want to shoot a theme based around that show! And the surprises didn't stop there. When we were introduced to the theatre manager, we were told we could use the entire theater- yes, indeed- the stage, the dressing rooms- all of it! We were pumped needless to say!

Studio Foto 2

Ash and Kaitlin rocked this photo shoot. It's provocative, sexy, and really, really fun. The Wang is an awesome theatre and could not have been more perfect for this couple's engagement session. What a place to let yourself really fall into character!?!

Studio 3

These two were fantastic. They totally worked their outfits (love her hot shoes, by the way!) and the Mad Men-esque attitude for this shoot...the results could not have been better. Click here to see even more of the fabulous e-session on Studio Foto's blog. Thanks to Paul and Krystal for sharing this kiler e-session with us and congratulations to Ash an Kaitlin on their engagement!