Newport Wedding by Corbin Gurkin
November 17, 2009
New England

I am literally DYING over this wedding. It's so different from most of the weddings that come across my desk...the style is pristine, totally and completely clean, fresh and innovative. The color palette alone, of whites, oranges and grays, will be enough to send most of you clear over the edge but then when you dig a little deeper, you'll see that it's the details that really shine.

And the photographer behind the day, the completely loved Corbin Gurkin (seriously loved), took a minimalist approach that allowed each and every element to completely shine. I am head over heels for this one.

corbin gurkin

From Corbin...

This wedding took place at the Bell Mer in Newport, Rhode Island. The bride, Wendy, had an amazing sense of style and I really loved the unusual palette she used – orange, white, and silvery gray. Having a very specific “look” in mind that only a perfectionist like herself could execute, Wendy designed everything herself and even opted for making some paper flowers as an alternative to fresh cut ones.  She even hand cut her own confetti circles to match the décor!

orange and white wedding

Here are a few details...

The bride wore a stunning Vera Wang gown and perfect, blue Valentino shoes. Wendy actually designed the invitations herself, all centered around a Hawaiian quilt motif, then had Studio on Fire print them. The ring pillow was also designed by the bride using a paper flower that was inspired by a backdrop she spotted at a recent fashion show. All of the flowers were...get this...done by the bride and her friends. Talk about DIY Luxe!

OK. If you thought that this set was as dreamy as I are going to go NUTS when you see the next set of images. They are seriously as perfect as you can possibly get.

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