Newport Wedding by Corbin Gurkin, II
November 17, 2009
New England

The wedding that we are featuring today is CRAZY beautiful. It's shockingly simple and yet every detail completely gives me butterflies...from the sweet favors that add depth and dimension to the room, to the tote bags and perfect centerpieces. I love every bit of it. Photographed by Corbin Gurkin, I am completely blown away by this stunning wedding.

orange and white wedding

From Corbin...

Wendy and Mike were really great sports – it absolutely poured buckets on their wedding day. I’ve never seen so much rain in my life!! They benefited from it being a midday wedding in a very well lit venue so in spite of the rain, I was still able to achieve the light and airy shots that I was after. Luckily (for both of us!), they are having a reception in Hawaii in January where we’ll get to do another photo session and make up for the rain. When the weather acts up, I always encourage my clients to plan a “day after” session or throw the dress back on after the honeymoon. It’s worth getting those portraits after the fact if the wedding day weather just doesn’t cooperate.

orange and white wedding

This wedding is complete eye candy and although I am not normally a fan of overly matchy matchy weddings...I heart this palette in a big way. The blanket of white from the space just creates the perfect canvas for little pops of color. The clean lines, the sheer draping, the chic logo threaded through every part of the wedding. It's a completely edited approach to wedding design and it resonates in a big way with my own sense of style.

And the details that I mentioned earlier...well, just look at how cute they are!

orange and white wedding

Corbin has blown it out of the park with this wedding and I just can't thank her enough. It's pure inspiration and will definitely be used in style boards from now until forever. Make sure to check out Corbin's fab blog that is overflowing with eye candy.