Vintage E-Session by Jeremy Harwell
November 16, 2009

We've been chatting about men's fashions all day and I thought that the perfect follow-up would be this incredible fashion centric e-session that one of our favorite photographers, Jeremy Harwell, shot for Wedding Soiree's new wedding book. It's purely gorgeous and should definitely be used as inspiration for your own perfect engagement shoot!

vintage chic photoshoot

The photoshoot was done in Senoia, Georgia at a 130 year old fishing village. It was the place where Driving Miss Daisy and Fried Green Tomatoes were both shot so you know it was heavy on the gorgeousness. The cute, cute bride is wearing a vintage dress from Stephans and Clothing Warehouse and shoes from J. Crew. The adorable groom is wearing attire from Sid Mashburn & Stephans with shoes by Ralph Lauren. The great pearls are from Mucklows Fine Jewelry and the flowers are by Virtu.

vintage e-session

An if you have fallen in love with this look...wait until you see the next one that Jeremy shot. It's even better.