Vintage E-Session by Jeremy Harwell, Part II
November 16, 2009

My girlfriend, Lisa, wrote me an email the other day that said..."is it bad that when I’m tense/cranky/panicking/whatever during the day, I look at your blog?"

I love to hear stuff like that. I love to know that people out there can come to SMP for some visual eye candy, for a little refuge of prettiness during their workday. And this next set of images fits the bill entirely. Jeremy Harwell is the fantastic photographer behind this ridiculously gorgeous fashion shoot and this unbelievably lovely 40's inspired wedding. So of course, when he sent us his latest masterpiece, I swooned. Plus, anything with pink balloons as the centerpiece is A-OK in my book!

vintage e-session

vintage e-session

Thank you so much to Jeremy Harwell for sending this our way! Here is a last look at the vendors...

Vintage dresses from Stephans and Clothing Warehouse and shoes from J. Crew. Groom's attire from Sid Mashburn & Stephans with shoes by Ralph Lauren. Jewelry from Mucklows Fine Jewelry and flowers are Virtu.