Men's Wedding Attire Round-Up, Part IV
November 16, 2009

Menswear is tricky. To get a perfectly tailored suit, it takes a little bit of cash, a little bit of patience and a really great tailor. But that is for a perfectly tailored suit. Not all weddings require this (despite what your etiquette book says) so this next feature is for all of you girls out there that simply want your hubs to look good without killing your wallets. Perfection, not necessary. Hotness, completely necessary.

First up, a classic suit.

men's attire

The classic suit just might be the most lovely, most stress free way to dress your fiance. You can't go wrong with something that is as timeless as a black, gray or navy suit. Pair it with some nice shoes and a pretty tie and there is no doubt he'll look gorgeous.

Row 1: This suit, by Tommy Hilfiger at Macy's is simple and tailored. Pair it with a gorgeous silver and black striped tie, also found at Macy's and a pair of loafers from Zappos and you have a really gorgeous style. The total for all three pieces is $375.99 and all you have left is a white shirt and a pair of black socks!

Row 2: There is just something about a man in a gray suit that screams sophistication to me. This one, by Kenneth Cole that we found on Overstock (which actually has an awesome collection of namebrand suits at ridiculously low prices) is all gorgeousness. We paired it with a classic tie by Macy's and shoes by Steve Madden that we found on Zappos. The total look is $309.93.

Row 3: Navy equals handsome in my opinion. My husband wears a navy suit more than his black one because there is just something so yummy about the look. Particularly for a wedding. This one, by Calvin Klein at Macy's, is perfection and paired with a tie we found at Macy's and shoes that we discovered at Payless (yup, payless people) is the definition of hotness. The total for all three pieces is $417.19. A little pricier than the first two options but a steal nonetheless.

* * *

Next up, some options for the more the casual groom. There is something really great about a casual groom...the confidence, the effortlessness, the personality tucked into the details. Here are some super budget finds for the more laid back groom.

casual menswear attire

Row 1: The first look is PERFECT for the beach, the lake, anywhere that laidback chic is a must. A basic pair of khaki pants from Old Navy, a white button down from the Gap and leather flip flops by American Eagle...all super simple, all super hot. You can dress this look up a touch by having the boys tuck in their shirts and put on a great belt. Total cost for this look is $108.50

Row 2: This camel suit from J. Crew is total perfection. It's casual while still being really special, really fashion forward. Pair it with some Steve Madden Mocs from Macy's and a simple, old school tie and you have a look that is a little bit vintage, a little bit school teacher. Totally and completely handsome. Total is $356.50

Row 3: Here's a tip for you ladies. If you are looking for a suit that is off the beaten path...searsucker, madras, linen...check out Haspel. They have been making suits for decades and they have it down to a science. They aren't the most luxurious suits you've ever seen, but they have fun fabrics and really fun prices. This one, a white linen suit is perfect for a day wedding, a garden affair, a beachside celebration. With shoes by Kenneth Cole and a subtle, striped shirt by J. Crew, the look is totally delicious. You can even pair it with some flip flops for a casual affair. The entire looks costs 258.49.

Coming up next, we have our Classic Tuxedo Picks!