Destination Wedding by Gia Canali and Yifat Oren
November 13, 2009

You are not going to want miss this next wedding. It's stunning. Straight out of a glossy stunning. But before we get to all of the wedding goodness, I wanted to mention that we've listed our latest job opening over on Backstage! If you are interested in working with Style Me Pretty, now's your chance!

The next affair for you to devour was a three day Destination wedding, planned and designed by celebrity wedding planner Yifat Oren and photographed by Gia Canali, who we love here on SMP. The bride and groom, who are from Grand Cayman and the UK, respectively, flew their closest friends and family to Parrot Cay for a wedding that would literally blow their socks off.  The result was a picture perfect weekend where very detail was perfectly designed and beautifully executed.

Here is a little peek at the beachside welcome party that the couple held...after all, one girl's welcome party is another girl's wedding!

destination wedding

From the photographer behind the day, Gia Canali...

The welcome party was a laid-back, beautiful event with great food and decor. We loved how it was all set up, dotted with fires for warmth and lanterns for mood. In addition to regular tables and poolside seating, Yifat's crew made the beach an additional seating area.  They spread wicker seating cushions and bamboo mats and pillows from Ikea on the beach, along with the lanterns and fires for warmth.

It's really essential that you make your guests comfortable at all the wedding events.  And destination weddings are no different than local ones, except that you might not be used to thinking about what those comfort issues are--heat, cold, sun, humidity, dehydration, mosquitoes the size of Rhode Island, etc.  (Another reason why wedding planners are worth their weight in gold).

destination wedding

The couple actually had a "bead bar" for the guests to make their own necklaces, bracelets, etc., if they wanted to.  The beads were divine and I saw some of the creations afterwards - great.  I think it's always good to have something fun for the guests to do! There was also a domino hut set up if guests wanted to play dominoes -- that's a thing in the Caribbean.

destination wedding

The bride's uncle made his special rum punch recipe (with the chefs from Parrot Cay) ... I think it's fantastic when couples incorporate beloved family recipes into the festivities.  Behind the scenes, I heard one of the chefs saying how fun it was to learn his recipe and "cook" with him.  But I've seen lots of variations of this (not all of which involve a caterer) -- couples using favorite dessert recipes, for instance.

Wedding coming up next! And it's so'll hardly believe it's real.