Santa Barbara Wedding by Lisa Vorce and Megan Sorel, III
November 12, 2009
United States

So. We are currently doing a survey on SMP (that you can fill out for us right here) to see what we can do better, what features we can highlight, what we can do to make SMP an even better place to visit. And one of the ideas that A LOT of you wanted was to bring some of the gorgeous weddings that we feature down to reality and give budget brides a few little tokens that they can infuse into their own weddings.

Which is exactly what we are going to do with this PERFECT Lisa Vorce wedding.

color palette

photos by Megan Sorel

The easiest way to translate this wedding is through your color palette. Using layered shades of pink and orange, then letting natural greenery in your flowers bring in a bright green hue, your palette will have depth, dimension and total style. Bring in elements of rich wood to round out the palette and give it a gorgeous foundation and sophistication.

color palette

Next, really look at the details tucked inside this wedding. There are elements of whimsy, elements of charm, elements of total sophistication. Pick 2 or 3 and run with them...

1. Give candy take-aways instead of favors. Oversided lolipops (like these from Hammonds) and other whimsical goodies will leave your guests smiling. Use old wooden boxes (found at flea markets) to hold the candy which will give them even more charm.

2. Instead of giving pashminas or wraps to your female guests, just stack a few blankets near an outdoor seating area. Wrapped in pretty ribbon, this is SUCH a charming touch.

3. Bring a bit of organic style to your look with natural linen napkins, using a simple fold. Tie them with a pretty, rich pink ribbon and tuck a stem inside. Super easy, super beautiful.

4. Parasols can be found at pretty great prices through companies like Luna Bazaar. In a variety of colors, you'll add even more texture to your wedding decor. Open a few of them up for even more of a pop!

5. Wrap mason jars with satin pink and orange ribbon then fill with one type of stem in a monochromatic hue. Carnations packed in tightly would even look pretty adorable and would save you a pretty penny.

6. Throw pillows. Toss some brightly colorful pillows on seating areas that you either made, or bought inexpensively through places like Target and IKEA. This will add instant warmth and style.

7. Ribbon, ribbon everywhere. You can buy ribbon in bulk from places like JKM Ribbon and Trim and it will go a long way in giving your look some serious pretty.

8. Cut your flower budget by alternating with wire baskets filled with tangerines or oranges. SO striking and guests won't think that you were skimping.

9. Wire chandeliers are a genius touch and will add so much personality to your look. The great part is that they use candles so there isn't really a lighting charge. Most of the wire chandeliers on the market are pricey but you could also get the same effect by using wire baskets that you hang from a chain and fill with candles like this one that I spotted over on Sunset. Birdcages spray-painted black would also be gorgeous.

10. Have your maids pick out their own little black dress to compliment your chic but effortless style. They'll love your for it and will save THEM a lot of mula.

I know that we sometimes feature weddings that are outside of many of your budgets. BUT, it's really the ideas that are tucked inside of these weddings that makes them special. Ideas and inspirations that can be translated into any affair, on any budget. With just a little bit of editing and creativity (and getting your hands a little dirty) a budget wedding can be JUST as beautiful as a luxury affair.