Dessert Table by Amy Atlas
November 12, 2009

Until I attended the Martha Stewart 15th Anniversary Party, I had never seen an Amy Atlas table design in person. And when I tell you that it was even better than I thought it would be...I am hardly doing it justice. Amy's tables are right out of a dream and this one, that she crafted for one of her client's cocktail parties, is BEYOND.

The photographer that captured the table is none other than Mel Barlow. Mel is one of Darcy Miller's favorite photographers and a quick glance at Mel's work will tell you why. I had the opportunity to meet Mel at the Martha event and she was pure loveliness. Just like her photographs.

Amy Atlas Dessert Buffet

What do I love about this table aside from EVERYTHING? Well...the color palette for one. It's so stunning. So vibrant, fresh, fun. Every detail threads back to the perfectly chic color palette with the graphic print on the cake totally stealing the show. Love, love, love.

Amy Atlas Dessert Buffet

Amy has been sweet enough to share a bit of her inspiration...

The design was a geometric diamond motif and was largely inspired by a rug pattern. I always say that you can take your inspiration from anywhere! We thought that bold colors like bright pink and yellow would complement the pattern perfectly. We created mini cherry ice cream cupcakes with EDIBLE pink chocolate cupcake wrappers.   These completely edible mini cupcakes are ideal for parties since guests can eat the whole cupcake without having to worry about throwing away a wrapper. We also made a diamond-shaped stained-glass cookie garland and a fondant cake with the diamond patter. Add to that, raspberry-lemon panna cotta and cake-filled truffles covered with pink and yellow sprinkles. Voila!

Amy Atlas Dessert Buffet

I don't know how the girl does it but every table that Amy gets her hands on is total perfection. She has a great sense of style...chic and yet restrained. Her work is always edited to perfection so that the table and all of its perfect details can really shine.

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