Wedding Invitations by Mr. Boddington's Studio
November 5, 2009

If the DIY projects that we put together for you weren't enough to inspire, this next feature will most definitely get the wedding excitement brewing. We are so very delighted to introduce the new collection of wedding stationery from the fabulous Mr. Boddington's Studio in NYC. Everything about this quirky little design studio is charming... their invitations, their website, even their name is catchy. But of course it's their gorgeous paper creations that really have me smiling. They're a little cheeky, a little vintage, and a lot beautiful. These are so good you might want to consider designing your wedding around your invitation.

Mr. Boddingtons 1a

Mr. Boddington's also has a fabulous new line up of engagement/rehearsal dinner, bridal showers, and thank you notes... all just as sweet and chic as the wedding invitations.

A little bit about the collection from owner, Rebecca Schmidt Ruebensaal...

Through the past year, Mr. Boddington traveled around the globe collecting all sorts of musings to inspire his new collection: vintage wedding invitations from Bombay, typography from Shanghai, preppy fabrics from sailing camps in New England, pine needles from Eastern European forests... and the list goes on! He also bent an ear towards what the most fashionable brides chatted about in connection with their wedding correspondence... it appeared that they were chasing not only smart paper designs but those that may save them some pennies.

Mr. Boddingtons 1d

Wedding, engagement, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower invitations, save-the-dates and thank you notes are offered in both letterpress and flat matte printing. All letterpress is printed on one hundred percent cotton paper (tree-free), and the flat-matte using rich, slightly saturated color palettes. Envelope liners are hand-cut and tailored to each piece of correspondence.

Mr. Boddingtons 1c

It's not easy to do playful and elegant... and it's even harder to do it really well, but Mr. Boddington's Studio has it down to an art. All of their work is sophisticated and fun... the silhouettes, the envelope liners, the fabulous fonts, I love every square inch of these charming little pieces.

So, get your bookmarks ready, Mr. Boggington's (seriously adorable) new website and blog are full of even more invitation eye-candy. Enjoy!