Photography Workshop by Jessica Claire, III
November 4, 2009

I work with a

TON of great photographers. Some have been around a while so their skills and perspectives are really honed, really unique. Others are new and are constantly experimenting with different style and ideas. But I don't think that I've had the chance to see the same wedding or space photographed by so many different artists. It's amazing to me that each photographer behind Jessica Claire's Photography Workshop, approached the same details, the same beautifully different. Simply put, it's a really cool!

And yet they wouldn't have had such an incredible event to photograph had it not been for the ridiculous styling that Summer Watkins of Grey Likes Weddings and florist Lauryl Lane put together. It was a simply stunning shoot and although it's really worked the web, being featured on so many different blogs, I love seeing the unique perspective of each perfect detail. Can't get enough actually!

Jessica Claire Wedding Workshop

The pics above were captured by Natalie Watson...and I love, love, love the light + dark juxtaposition. Gorgeous. And this next set, by Person Killian, is all about the lovely!

From the lovely, Summer Watkins...

Our inspiration for the shoot started with the location, which was very rustic looking with faded grey and brown colors. It really lent itself to a vintage vibe. Also, I felt that bringing in soft color tones would compliment the rough setting. The location really determined our starting off point. From there, I thought that hot air balloons might be a really fun element to incorporate overhead. The initial vision included tons of them, but as you can see, crafting isn't always as predictable as you'd like! Balloons were popping left and right! However, because we involved Megan of MaeMae Paperie, the hot air balloon theme carried itself throughout the look.

I'm a very thrifty shopper, so in terms of product resources, I always start at my favorite local thrift stores. They often have the very same stuff you might find in an antique store, but for 1/4 the price. All the decanters from our bar, for example, were found in a thrift store. I would stop in at least once a week and always find something new and great. Other resources include stores like HomeGoods, Marshalls, and Ross. Their home sections can surprise you with really great deals. Many of our plates came from these types of places. Etsy was also a great resource. Antique shops and flea markets are always a huge source for me as well, but if you don't have one near you, again, Etsy is a great alternative. Vintage elements is where you can break the bank, but because we incorporated just a few larger pieces on the table, it made it worth it.

person killian

All of our flower vessels came from these sources and of course from things I had laying around the house (like the sooo cute initial mugs from Anthropologie!). Most florists would be happy to put your flowers in vessels you provide. They may even be able to lower the price on your flowers (even if just a tiny bit) because this lowers their cost. The vessels made each arrangement unique and we really loved how it turned out.

The gorgeous antique mantle was from a place called Olde Goode Things in LA. They sell tons of vintage pieces and are extra great because they let you RENT! If you are looking for a statement piece like this for your wedding (I'd love to see someone use an old door) it doesn't hurt to ask if sellers are willing to consider renting. It's really a win-win situation.

Creating this look really involves a bit of thrify gumption and a love to shop for deals! But by incorporating finds you've found, you are inserting your personality and taste into your wedding. Not only that, but afterward, you get to keep all that cool stuff!

And lastly, one last nod to all of the vendors, including the LOVELY Jessica Claire, who helped to make this shoot a reality!

Event & Photo Stylist: Grey Likes Weddings, Floral Design: Lauryl Lane,  Hair & Makeup: Vivian Tran of All Made Up,  Wedding Stationery, Favors, and Paper Suite: MaeMae Paperie, Printing of paper products: Czar Press, Fabric Rosettes, shoe clips, and “just married” banner over cake: B. Poetic,  Cake: Cheryl Stewart of Cake My Day, Dress: The White Dress