Winter Wedding Inspirations, II
November 3, 2009
Winter Weddings

There is something so special about a Winter styled affair. The coziness, the textures, the muted and yet completely cohesive color palettes. There are so many opportunities to add little touches that are totally and completely elegant and yet totally and completely whimsical. Hot chocolate shots, sweaters for picture frames and candles, cozy throws and mitten favors. There are so many ways to bring personality and style into a Winter wedding and Barb Salzman of Hatch Creative Studio has totally nailed it. Love, love, love everything about this next set of photographs that Karen Mordechai captured...

winter wedding inspiration

Barb was sweet enough to share some of the little touches that they infused into the look...

We built carnation snowmen and used an eclectic collection of snow shoes. We had medicine bottles hanging from birch behind the bar filled with snow from ski mtns around the country...fake snow of course but tea stained tags tell the location. We hung signs that said Stowe 1974, Aspen 2001, Snowbird 1984 etc and curtains made from sweater materials. We had a reclaimed fireplace mantle from Recycling the past salvage yard and a custom bar made from reclaimed doors made by We used birch covered columns and vases, a cardboard deer hanging above the mantle, picture frames above the mantle with sweater material. There were cocktail and bar tables made from 4" slices of tree trunks and a Photo Booth designed with snowmen cutouts giving guests the chance to be snowmen!

winter wedding inspiration

On the Move Entertainment provided the tunes accompanied by a strolling electric violinist and a bongo player. They were amazing. AVEnts Catering by Ally Lipton provided the yummy treats. Mini hot chocolates in the perfect little mug from (fishs eddy) with berry crumble bites were the hit of the night along with the mini chicken pot pies and butternut squash soup shooters to highlight a few.