DIY Wedding with California Charm
November 2, 2009
United States

Brace yourselves people. This wedding is completely and totally adorable. Not to mention, completely and totally doable! We actually featured the bride's sister's wedding a few months back and were blown away by the unique styling and completely approachable, but totally chic, design sense that both the bride and her sister had.

The thing that I love about this wedding is that it isn't at all pretentious, it isn't at all stuffy or over designed. It's simple, adorable elegance and seems to define the bride and groom to perfection. Emily, the insanely beautiful bride, is the owner of Frenchie & Flea, a FAB invitation brand, and is personally responsible for basically all of the picture perfect details. Oh and the photographer, Cameron Ingalls...well, see for yourself. Total perfection.

southern california wedding

From Emily, the gorgeous bride...

Our wedding day goal was to create a relaxed, festive, and FUN environment for our friends and family to let loose and celebrate! My favorite color is yellow, and I based my overall design for the day around it.  I accented the yellows with coral, chocolate, ivory and tan, with lots of color pops thrown into the mix.  I encourage brides to not get hung up on a 2 or 3 color a graphic designer, I LOVE color--especially bright color--and the key to playing with lots of color is to keep the big elements fairly neutral (linens, dresses, majority of the floral elements, etc) and throw in the brighter colors in smaller details (paper goods, ribbons, accent flowers, accessories, etc.).

southern california wedding

My friends know I hate matchy-matchy, but with a wedding party as huge as ours, I knew that picking a neutral bridesmaid dress would look best.  It was the perfect canvas for my friends to express their own styles...each bridesmaid layered her own accessories, chose a sweater in any color, and picked shoes of any style or heel height as long as it was in the neutral or metallic color family.  I just adore how the sweaters photographed and added colorful dimension and individualism to my lovely bridal party!

southern california wedding

My dear family friend (who's more like an aunt) Bobbie did all the gorgeous flowers.  She was my sounding board for all of my creative ideas and whims, and the creations she made for my special day were unbelievably perfect.  She created those amazing bridesmaid bouquet vases, and sewed the altar skirt with layers of delicious fabrics, and so much more!  She was my wedding angel and crafting confidant.  I love that she lives in San Diego and I live in SF and we basically created my wedding day via email!  It was SO fun for me!

The hair accessories were created by my bridesmaid Amanda, and were a huge focal point for my (and my bridesmaid's and flower girl's) outfit.  My hair clip was gorgeous, and my sweater corsage made the outfit!  I am so thankful to be surrounded by such talented friends and family...this wedding was definitely a labor of love!

So much more to come!