Outdoor Wedding by Aaron Delesie and Brooke Keegan
October 29, 2009
United States

This is my dream wedding. Seriously. My dream wedding.

And for a girl that looks at literally hundreds of weddings a week, that speaks volumes as to just how smitten I am with this affair.  Photographed by one of my favorite photographers, Aaron Delesie and planned by one of the most adorable up and comers, Brooke Keegan...it's one of the only weddings that has honestly made me feel insanely jealous. The couple was going for an Organic, Garden Chic style and the result was completely and totally flawless.

outdoor wedding

Writing a blog that features such beautiful weddings day in and day out makes it very difficult to have a favorite wedding. Every one is beautiful in its own unique way, usually perfectly tailored to the couple behind the affair. But if I were to pin it down and really define my own personal style...this wedding would be it.  It's organic elegance. Simple, luxurious style. A perfect, muted color palette. A timeless elegance with touches of modern charm. And you know what? It's just going to keep getting better as the day progresses.

outdoor wedding

Brooke Keegan, the planner behind the day did an incredible job at pulling the entire affair together, at articulating the bride and groom's vision in a way that is completely effortless. And Sunny Ravanbach over at White Lilac, the incredible florist behind the affair, is officially my new style guru. I love her subtle hand with the flowers, I love her organic and yet insanely beautiful execution of the couple's style.

And Aaron's photos. Well, I am yet again blown away by just how talented he and his incredibly lovely wife, Jenn, are...they are hands down two of the best photographers I know.

We have SO much more to come. And I promise, it's SO worth the wait.