Outdoor Wedding by Aaron Delesie and Brooke Keegan, IV
October 29, 2009
United States

I am always full of words. Always. And usually I sound a bit like a 16 year old girl gushing over her latest crush. People make fun of me all of the time for it and I can totally see why.

But today, I am ALL gush. I am trying very hard to restrain myself from saying every 16 year old phrase that pops into my head because this wedding turns me into butterflies and total mush. I love it. I love the simple, restrained style. The vintage, worn-down luxury. The effortless elegance. I love every bit of this wedding, mostly because of the ridiculously gorgeous styling that Sunny at White Lilac designed, but also because of the insanely gorgeous photographs that Aaron Delesie captured. So pretty that I am actually wondering if it's weird to print out someone else's wedding and hang the photographs on my walls. It's just that gorgeous.

outdoor wedding

Here is a little bit more from Brooke Keegan, the fabulous planner and event coordinator behind the day...

Every detail was thought out; from the hand designed and calligraphy invitations, maps, escort card rocks and signage done by the Bride’s twin sister Amanda and little sister Colby, to the straw tags with “love” sayings and the Ring Bearer box that they had brought back from their travels in Madagascar. And by coincidence, her Melissa Sweet dress was appropriately named “Fern”. The guests enjoyed a delectable three-course meal and danced the night away under the stars. It was such a magical and unforgettable event. They even had an after party with the In N’ Out truck for late night snacks! I will have to say that it was also such a pleasure working with the Peck family on this wedding – they are the sweetest and most gracious people I know!

outdoor wedding

More coming up in just a bit! And I swear, I will calm down and start speak like a regular human being and not an irrational wedding stalker.