From Inspiration to Reality: The Design, Part II
October 23, 2009

Love, love, love everything about today. I have been chomping at the bit to share our From Inspiration to Reality feature with all of you, inspired completely by one of our Style Circle gurus, Bran Coprata.

I am so totally and hopelessly smitten with this concept...literally bringing your ideas, your inspiration boards to life...that I am going to dive in head first and make it a regular feature on SMP. My hope is that it will give all of you the tools and confidence to bring your own inspiration boards to life. That it will inspire you to continually hone your inspiration board, using it as the platform to which you convey your style ideas to vendors, friends and family members. I could go on and on and on with pure glee, but instead, I'll just share a few more gorgeous pics from our latest From Inspiration to Reality!

vintage chic photoshoot

Sarah True, the event designer behind the day, has stopped by to share a bit of her vision...

Inspired by the bold colors and perfect combination of details, making the board come to life was so much fun.  The design board created the perfect mood for an event, using color to create energy and ice cream, cherries, and the beach to illustrate a feeling of whimsy and nostalgia. Some of my happiest memories are at the beach , eating ice cream and soaking up the Summer.  This is the emotion that this board taps into.  So I thought all of those details were incredibly important at bringing the table to life to create the mood that was designed in the board.  We used bright cherry red latte bowls for the bases of the flowers and a mix of vintage pink cut glasses. We found a polka dot linen from Party Rental to capture the playfulness of the board.  Layering vintage linens from Yumiko's personal collection over the polka dot linen helped us to blend the details of vintage and modern.

vintage chic photoshoot

As for the fashions...let me just say that they were INSANE. Beth at The White Dress by the Shore is ridiculously talented and has an eye for super chic, undeniably fabulous pieces. Like that adorable Melissa Sweet dress and the oversized bobbles. Love, love, love. Beth has been sweet enough to share a few more details...

When reviewing the amazing inspiration board that was selected, It evoked a 1950’s feel. The overall look that we were striving for was sweet and playful with a vintage twist. We selected a whimsical gown by Reverie by Melissa Sweet and styled it with 1950’s inspired oversized pearls, dainty white gloves and fabulous red shoes. We finished off the look with a custom made cherry red cage veil and brooch.

So much more to come!!